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  1. District Housing Project
    District Housing Project
    Mphangwe and its partners will create a variety of neighborhood styles in four eastern districts incorporating traditional, monolithic-dome and modular residential housing designs while integrating various community and public buildings for civic and commercial activities. Our planned construction designs addresses real and tangible needs of the community while also facilitating current methods of transportation; such as pedestrian, bicycles and automobiles.
  2. UV Solar: 40 Megawatts
    UV Solar: 40 Megawatts
    A 10 megawatt system will be built in each district and managed through a District Cooperative. This will give each district enough clean energy to service at least 20,000 homes and businesses as well as producing income for the District Cooperatives. UV Solar Power is an emerging mainstream technology. Unlike legacy Solar panels, UV Solar collects energy from UV, sun and infrared light spectrums; producing power 24/7/365.