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Zambia's Economy is growing. Invest in Zambia and grow with us!

Our mission is to develop an infrastructure that expands the opportunity of the Zambian business community to produce goods and services. The template we’re using has already been implemented in Asians markets with excellent results. Clean energy production, commercial and residential development along with new roads, highways and bridges will only enhance the capability of the Zambia people to get their goods and services to market. Come and join us in this journey leading to sustainable economic growth and profitability.

Mphangwe (PRONOUNCED EM-'PANG-GWAY) Construction was founded in 2013. Mphangwe Construction Company is a subsidiary of DWD Global Holdings, LLC located in Jacksonville Florida USA. Mphangwe is part of the prestigious DWD Global Holdings portfolio of businesses. Our main offices are in Lusaka, Zambia and we also conduct business within the DWD Global offices in Jacksonville, Florida USA.

Since 2012. numerous multi-billion dollar projects are either underway or in the planning stages on the African continent; especially in the South-Central region of Africa. Mphangwe's goal is to partner with the leading developers and investors in Europe, Asia and the United States and utilize the influential relationships Mphangwe executives currently enjoy with the highest levels of Government in Angola, Zambia, Mozambique and other countries within this region to facilitate investment and development. Public and private investment in infrastructure development in the aforementioned countries currently exceeds US$40 billion. Additional billions in investment is being planned for the near future.

Through its relationships with these governments, Mphangwe is poised to take a leadership role in the development of enterprise level projects. The vast majority of these projects can/shall be funded by monetizing the in-ground natural resources present within this region. Additionally, ongoing private investment (primarily Asian) entities are encouraged by the region's potential and are currently on the ground and are ready, willing and able to strategically move forward on implementing and completing major development projects.

Our formula for success on the African continent is simple. It involves utilizing government and private investment in conjunction with monetizing natural commodity resources to ensure profitability, economic growth, and at least two decades of enterprise level project development. For more information please fill out the Investor's contact form below and we shall contact you promptly regarding your inquiry.

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