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Engaging sound management with strategic partnerships to create sustainable development.

Our Genesis
Mphangwe was founded upon the principles of engaging sound management with strategic partnerships to create sustainable development in eco-friendly energy production, housing, and commercial projects giving impetus to new business development in Zambia and throughout the South-Central African Region. Clean energy production through the application of UV solar and wind system applications will produce consistent and reliable energy in Urban and rural areas. It will also allow for the implementation of commercial, agricultural, mining and residential projects in areas that contain resource rich minerals and metals that have yet to be fully developed.
MPHANGWE is playing a key role in planning the development of new and - the expansion of current broadband and wireless communication networks in Zambia, primarily in urban zones and the copper mining communities. Broadband is essential in creating opportunities for businesses to market their products and services through the world wide web and enhancing telephony and VOIP communications access to the global market arena.
PLANNED BIO-FUEL FACILITIES developed by Mphangwe and its partners will utilize fuel crops, plant and animal waste products to produce energy and fuels including methanol and bio-diesel. These facilities will work in harmony with solar and wind energy technologies to produce fuels for low emission power production and provide alternative fuels for cars, trucks and heavy construction vehicles.
MPHANGWE has planned development projects throughout Sub-Sahara Africa to promote and maximize the public infrastructure's ability to implement and expand commercial, agricultural, mining and commercial and municipal projects in African countries that contain resource rich minerals that have yet to be fully developed. The goal of these projects is to create the impetus for economic growth hroughout Sub-Sahara Africa.